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Our Name

We are known as “UCF” or “University of Central Florida,” never just “Central Florida.” When stacked, “University of” must be at least 70 percent of the size of “Central Florida.”

This emphasizes UCF as a university, not a region. It should always appear near or on the same page as the Pegasus logo.

To view Trademark Usage Guidelines, visit Graphic Standards.

Gold Pegasus Logo

Our logo is the Pegasus.

It is our badge and emblem. It creates, promotes and protects the integrity of the UCF message. It should be used to identify UCF on all communication materials.


Where Does the Pegasus Come From?

Black Pegasus LogoPegasus is the winged horse of Greek mythology. He carried heroes on to great adventures and earned a place in the stars as a constellation. The logo was officially unveiled by President Charles Millican on April 5, 1968, from a design by Jim Shattuck and Norman Van Meter. More than 50 proposals were considered during the process. The Pegasus design was chosen for its distinctiveness—and it symbolizes the university’s vision of limitless possibilities.


UCF Seal, only official use by BOT, General Counsel, President and Provost

Official Seal

The seal is used at formal, universitywide academic functions.
Use is restricted to the UCF Board of Trustees, Office of the President, Office of the Provost, and Office of the General Counsel.
The seal variation without the university motto, “Reach for the Stars,” should be used when the seal is printed at a very small size, making the motto unreadable.


Unofficial UCF Unit Graphics

Unit graphics are NOT official UCF trademarks. UCF strongly discourages units from develop­ing these separate identifying graphics (logos), which are outside of official unit identifiers. Competing graphics dilute the impact of a singular UCF brand.

These graphics CANNOT:

  • include the Pegasus
  • be more prominent in size or position than the Pegasus, wordmark, monogram, university or unit identifiers
  • appear on any single-page, printed piece or the front cover of any multipage printed piece
  • appear in any print ad or employment ad
  • appear in the header of the home page of a website
  • appear on signage, including banners
  • appear on UCF official business cards, letterhead, envelopes, name badges, fax cover sheets, or memo pads
  • appear on the first or last slide of an electronic slide presentation, or on the first or last frame of a video or other multimedia presentation


To view Trademark Usage Guidelines, visit Graphic Standards.


Use of UCF Trademarks by Outside Parties

UCF requires that its marks be used in a manner that is consistent with the goals of the university and the university’s legal responsibilities as a trademark owner, and that UCF is properly compensated for the use of university marks in conjunction with authorized use of the marks.

All items produced using the trademarks of the university and for resale are subject to the royalty payment requirements as set forth in approved licensing agreements. Only with prior written approval by the appropriate UCF department may UCF trademarks be used to promote events with UCF partners with an official relationship with the university. Outside parties may only use UCF trademarks if prior written approval has been obtained from UCF Marketing, UCF’s General Counsel’s Office, UCF Athletics and/or UCF Business Services, as appropriate.

UCF Merchandise

Permission to produce or sell clothing or other merchandise that incorporates UCF’s name, trademark(s) or logo(s) must be secured in advance in writing from each of the following departments:

  • University trademarks: Business Services
  • Athletics trademarks: Business Services and UCF Athletics

UCF retains all rights to all articles of clothing and other merchandise that represent or promote the university or a unit of the university. Only UCF- approved vendors can produce or sell such merchandise. (Contact Business Services for the current list of approved merchandise vendors.) Individuals and companies producing or selling UCF clothing or merchandise without permission are subject to prosecution.

To view information about licensing UCF’s trademarks, visit the University Trademark Licensing site.


Freelancers and Vendors

It is the responsibility of each authorized UCF employee contracting with printers, designers, graphic artists, photographers, merchandisers and web designers to inform them of the university’s Graphic Standards and to make certain that the standards are applied to the materials being produced.

Formal Logos

Trademark Name Trademark Image Files for Download
University Identifier Download
Wordmark Wordmark Download
Monogram UCF Monogram Download


Stands for Opportunity Campaign Logos

In 2005, UCF launched its Stands For Opportunity brand campaign in order to maximize our visibility. This sans serif text treatment allows bolder, clearer use of the UCF monogram on promotional materials and advertising.

Trademark Name Trademark Image File for Download
Preferred Monogram Preferred Campaign Logo Download
Veritcal Monogram Download
Monogram with Tagline Monogram with Tagline Download


Unit Identifiers

Unit identifiers are reserved for top-level departments and colleges. There are three types of unit identifiers. (We use College of Sciences as the example.) Requests for unit identifiers are made online.

Trademark Name Trademark Image Request Files
Monogram Unit Identifier Monogram Unit Identifier Request
Vertical Monogram Unit Identifier Vertical Monogram Unit Identifier Request
Unit Identifier (sample) Unit Identifier Request


50th Anniversary Logos

UCF 50th Anniversary logos are to be used during the 50th Anniversary celebration at UCF. The celebration lasts from June 10, 2012 to December 31, 2013. UCF’s 50th anniversary is June 10, 2013.

Logos are packaged in zip files in horizontal and vertical orientation. Each orientation contains grayscale, metallic, and bright gold versions in EPS, JPG, PDF and PNG.

Trademark Name Trademark Image Request Files
UCF 50th Horizontal UCF 50 logo Horizontal Download
UCF 50th Vertical UCF 50 logo vertical Download


Use of UCF Athletics trademarks is restricted to UCF Athletics

  • Cannot be used to represent UCF as a university
  • Cannot be used to represent an academic or administrative unit
  • Cannot be used in conjunction with the Pegasus, wordmark, monogram, university identifiers, unit identifiers or regional identifiers
  • Cannot be used for personal business

Authorized UCF trademark users may use UCF intercollegiate athletics trademarks if they:

  • Secure permission in writing from UCF Athletics prior to using the UCF Athletics trademarks in official UCF print or electronic media


How to obtain UCF intercollegiate athletics trademarks

UCF Athletics trademarks can be obtained for approved purposes by contacting Athletics at 407-823-3213.

UCF Athletics Trademark Licensing

For information on UCF Athletics trademark licensing, visit the UCF’s Athletics licensing page.

UCF Athletics Trademarks