What is Brand?

There are so many competing definitions for the word brand—from the graphics and symbols to the “promise” a company makes. At UCF, we simply say:
Brand is everything we say and do, and how we say and do it.

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UCF has evolved into the nation’s second-largest university by implementing innovative growth strategies wrapped around a simple principle: listening to and responding to the region’s needs.

We are more than higher education.
We are a whole new category.
We innovate.
We incubate.
We develop skilled labor.
We assist businesses.
We improve lives.
We save lives.


UCF is in the business of creating opportunities.

More formally, our core concept can be summed up in UCF’s Brand Value Proposition:

UCF is the university that seeks opportunities, creates opportunities, and brings them to fruition. The university’s culture of opportunity is driven by the diverse people it attracts, its Orlando environment, its history of entrepreneurship, and its youth, relevance, and energy.

The six core concepts should inform all UCF communication materials, though obviously not every concept can or need be addressed in every piece.

Our brand is anchored by six core concepts:


Remind your audience that UCF is a united group of talented people. Not buildings. Not a campus. Not degree programs.



Demonstrate that UCF takes a practical approach to education and prepares its students for careers, not just academic success. We know why we’re here—we haven’t forgotten.



Invite the community into our family. UCF celebrates its people and partnerships, not ivory towers.



Show that UCF has grown because its beautiful campus is located in the center of a booming metropolitan area—our success is linked to Orlando’s growth.



Let your audience know we’ve got a plan, and that we aren’t just responding to forces. Remind readers that UCF balances accessible, high-quality undergraduate education with the research accomplishments of scholars who are supported by graduate programs.



Claim a history and a legacy that leverages our youth. It’s a good thing. Let your piece evoke our open, spirited and energetic personality.